Compare And Contrast Solomon's Belongings And Livvie

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1. Why does Welty use a page to describe Solomon’s belongings vs. Livvie’s belongings? Welty uses so much detail to describe what Solomon has to show the dominance of the male in the house. He does not have to describe why he has what he does nor does he have to share with Livvie. Livvie has one possession to her name. She had a picture of the family she worked for in the past. Livvie was content with her responsibilities and understood that Solomon’s old age prohibited him from leaving the house and left her stuck in the house. She did not question what Solomon did or had, but she also knew that she would never have any where near what he has. 2. Why was Solomon so protective of Livvie? Solomon looked at Livvie as a possession. She was something he literally took from her previous home. He hid her inside the house in which he would reside in most of the day. He kept outsiders from even looking at Livvie because he feared losing her. Even though Livvie could not keep up with the standards of the society, Solomon did not want to take a chance with anything.…show more content…
How does Livvie’s lack of education keep her from claiming an important place in society? Livvie has two obvious things that hold her back in society, her appearance and her speech. She even admits that she would come into the house “ragged and barefoot.” Her innocence also keeps her from participating in the life of a normal young girl. Being married off as a young girl, Solomon took Livvie’s innocence from her. He would not let her grow in to a woman, nor could she catch up to those who had an education if she even had the option of
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