Cookies Field Case Study

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Mariem Othman. 1-Mrs cookies field hierarchy is more functional hierarchy along traditional fictional lines, and I would say Flat hierarchy not Hierarchical since decision making is not centralized but as MR Randy stated putting as much decision making and intelligence into the store level pc as it necessary to free the manager to do other important tasks. also having less hierarchy , no official organization chart, and communication took place between people as needed regardless of position or title emphasize that its Flat organizational structure rather than Hierarchical. We also saw that decisions regarding hiring and operation were decentralized and were taken in lower levels rather than coming from top levels and filter down through organization. But it didn’t get to the Networked organizational structure level since there is no informal communications that connect all parts of the company.(IT’S A FLAT HIERARCHY because hierarchy is formed where divisions are responsible for segments of the work process). 2- I would say that the primary role of IT was Strategic and intended to increase individual and group effectiveness, as indicated by MR.Randy that the goal was to run each store essentially as the first store, and to free mangers to do things more important than paperwork. And the dominate technology was Microcomputers decentralized intelligence. I wouldn’t say the IT was intended to create value or value extension since it was not focusing on external relations with other firms in the value chain(customer’s ,suppliers). The purpose was to support primary activity and internal operations. Although information system computed projections and prepared orders for supplier but it was not integrated with the supplier information system. 3-i would say challenges here are very intense especially in the LPB acquisition, the mission of MRS Debbi was “a feel

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