Little Children Are Sacred Essay

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ASSESSMENT 1: THE NORTHERN TERRITORY INTERVENTION “Ampe akeleyernane meke marle” translation- “Little Children are Sacred” Little Children are sacred was a report written by Janet Stanley in 2003,the report was one of first to bring public attention into the protection of Aboriginal children from sexual abuse. The Northern Territory Government raised an alarm on these issues as well as other specific related problems facing the (NT) Aboriginal people. The Intervention is set to reduce a number of certain key areas. They are: Alcoholism, Education, Poverty, Housing, Health, Substance abuse, Gambling, Pornography, Unemployment, Response by government agencies, Law and justice, and Rehabilitation of offenders. A task-force reports of critical…show more content…
Bess Price an Aboriginal Australian activist/politician and member of the Country Liberal Party commented that she is for the Intervention because she has seen progress herself since the adoption in 2007. Other leaders have also agreed but mention the need to only target cases of responsibility failure. In 2009 multiple complaint statements by numerous indigenous individuals and leaders not only in (NT) but all over Australia. Written petitions against the Interventions signed by more then 40,000 people. Years into the Intervention; Concerns of welfare cuts that have affected women and children in the process,the stoppage of the CDEP plan that created more the 7,500 jobs before the Intervention, the poor number of sexual offenders prosecuted, and a number of limitation communal rights. The Northern Territory Intervention measures sparked many criticism both domestically and internationally saying that the Aboriginal people a being discriminated by there Government due to the 1995 Racial Discrimination Act. The Australian Government was called upon the United Nations Treaty to redesign their measures in direct of the
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