Arab American Culture

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Since September 11th, 2001 Arab Americans have been the target of discrimination. This has created an environment of tension among the American population and Arab Americans They have suffered serious hate crimes and labor discrimination by demotion leading to higher unemployment rates. Many Mosques and Muslim-owned business have been vandalized. . The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported a 1600% increase in hate crimes against the Arab American population in the year after the events of September 11th. Some of them are refugees coming from devastated areas ravaged by wars in the Middle East: Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Lebanon are just a few examples. According to Aboul-Enein (2010) one of the potentially least studied ethnic groups in the United States in terms of healthcare inequalities are the populations of Middle Eastern and North African origin. Aboul-Enein also points out: “The misunderstood aspects of Arab behavior according Western perspective lead to the greatest misunderstandings which include but are not limited to: the involvement of the male in all aspects of health care for his wife and children; the assimilation of children into all aspects of life; female humility; the subordinate status of women; and the strong emphasis on the traditional female role.”…show more content…
My irrational negative feelings dissipated a long time ago, and as such, they are no longer an obstacle. In hindsight, I would have demanded translation services from my supervisor, manager, and hospital administration. Communicating directly with my patient is of utmost importance. Some Arab American patients actually want to be alone during the examination due to modesty. Because I understand the importance of family in the recovery process I would try to incorporate the family to my patient’s process of recovery, by gaining their

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