Literary Analysis of Anthem by Ayn Rand

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1. What incidents constitute the building blocks of the story's plot? The major incident that constitutes the building block of the story's plot is when Equality 7-2521 finds the dark and mysterious tunnel to the past. This is where the story begins rolling. This tunnel makes him commit his first serious transgression against his society. The tunnel is also what sets off his curiosity of the Unmentionable Times. In this tunnel he is able to be himself and not rely on his society to construct who he is. He is able to conduct scientific experiments and to invent a lightbulb that he later will bring to the Scholars and will be rejected. After it is rejected he leaves his society behind and starts a new life for himself and the Golden One. 2. Where and when is the action of the story set? The action of the story is set in many places. The tunnel Equality 7-2521 finds, the World Council in his City, the Uncharted Forrest, and the house from the Unmentionable Times are just four. Many things happen throughout the book that take place in these few places. The time of this book is written in the future. The technologies that Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 find at the house from the Unmentionable Times is our technology. Technologies we use today. The names they give themselves are from our Greek myths. Therefore, Rand has written this story in a crazy world ran by a World Council because she is forcing us to consider the possibility that this nightmare of a world she has set this book in could possibly become a reality. 3. What problem does the major character face? How does the character deal with this problem? The major problem that Equality 7-2521 faces is his individuality. He has to hide who he is from his society so he will not be punished. He has many brilliant ideas extending to him inventing a lightbulb. He is a young, beautiful, tall,
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