Brave New World vs. Frankenstien Humanity’s Separation from Nature

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Humanity’s Separation from Nature The gray unhappy air surrounds civilization as the pollution of human creations and discoveries tears us further and further from our natural beginnings. Nature no longer encompasses us with sunshine and beauty, left alone we become monsters in our outlook and attempt to take control of power we were never meant to have. With the use of drugs and the constant striving for upmost power to create living from dead we have destroyed our natural roots. Natural processes slowly disappear from the world around us, in Brave New World the Director says; "Bokanovsky's Process is one of the major instruments of social stability!" (1) This is a process where people are artificially made and conditioned into certain parts of society. Natural birth is considered disgusting and freakish in this world, a world paved in concrete and artificiality. We can also see this in Frankenstein, Victor’s striving for knowledge he was not supposed to have led him to create an unnatural life from. While he does not think natural birth is disgusting, he does think he can make a better and more perfect being than GOD. With this belief Victor is throwing away the idea of natural occurrences being good, and saying that his creation from dead pieces of various bodies can develop an elite being unimagined by GOD. Another place we see humanity distancing themselves from nature, is when Victor locks himself away from society to delve deeper into his scientific studies. He only sees what can be done with science, and because of this GOD whom is natural, became secondary to science. Science is a very common theme in both Brave New World and Frankenstein; the constant obsession with furthering progress and discovering the unknown led both the society in Brave New World and Victor in Frankenstein to leave natural occurrences behind and attempt to better themselves with
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