Stephen King's Life And Accomplishments

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Stephen King In 1947 on the Twenty First of September, Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King gave birth to one of the greatest mystery fiction writers in our time. Stephen King was born in Maine General Hospital in Portland Maine(Wukovits 11). King had a normal upbringing despite the absents of a father. At the age of two King’s father, Donald Edward King, had disappeared while serving as a merchant marine in World War II (11). King started his education in a small school where he quickly took an interest in reading and writing. King was a much better writer than his fellow classmates, he graduated top of the class in 1962, although the class only had three students in it. King then moved onto Lisbon High School after completing his earlier…show more content…
He was rejected for a long time, he just kept writing and eventually prevailed. In 1965 King got his first break, after many magazines reject king; Comic Review accepted two of his stories: “I Was a Teenaged Grave Robber” and “The Star Invaders” (25). In 1967 King really started to make progress and become well known. He made his first pro sale with Startling Mystery Stories, one in particular “The Glass Floor” (85). King get his own column in the college news paper called Kings garbage truck. It was Called Kings garbage truck because it was so unpredictable. King then graduates College on June fifth, 1970. King followed that success with a completing a novel. He finished the novel “Getting It on” in 1971, that novel was later rejected but it didn’t phase King, he just kept on writing (39). One year later in seventy two Kings son Joseph is born (86). In January of 1973 King completes Carrie a novel in which he had been working for quite a bit of time (40). In March that same year King’s book Carrie was published (41). Between 1977 and 1982 king completed four whole novels under the name Richard Bachman, so he could write in different genres and not be criticized (Barron 1). With all this success and fame, one would think that King would be on top of the world and conceded. He is just the opposite he states: “I guard against success, because you start to expect

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