Gattaca Context Essay

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“There is truly nothing remarkable about … Jerome Morrow, except that I am not Jerome Morrow”. In this quote, Vincent reveals the unconventional method he has to undertake to achieve his goal. He assumes the identity of another man. The society in Gattaca has developed such that those who are born naturally. “in-valids”, are disadvantaged in comparison to those born with the assistance of genetic engineering, “valids”. Vincent as an “in-valid” belongs to a “new underclass” in a society that has “discrimination down to a science”. Vincent knew there is no overcoming the fact that “My real resume was in my cells”. He adopted his identity of the genetically superior Jerome Morrow, simply because he believed that the determinant or key to success in life all comes down to what you do. The cruel society of Gattaca causes Vincent to realise that what you do determines your success in life. A close up shot is used when Vincent eventually leaves on the shuttle for Titan, he describes himself as “someone who was never meant for this world”. The entrenched nature of society’s discrimination makes his existence untenable. Even his own parents ignore him in favour of his genetically superior brother, Anton. However, Vincent doesn’t commit an act of hypocrisy in becoming a “valid”, instead he focusses on what can be done in order to succeed. The message that Gattaca portrays is that it is not who you are, but rather, what you do that determines your success in life. Vincent achieves his dream through sheer courage and determination. He does not have the assistance of superior genetic engineering. He achieves in spite of a society that is designed to ensure that he fails in any attempts to better himself. Society offers him few opportunities. Its despicable, inherent discrimination works against him. Through a process of deception, he joins the valids, but he does not wish to
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