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Per. 5... 11-2-10 Lit. Analysis Last Summer I Know What You did Last Summer, by Lois Duncan, is a story about the dangers of trying to keep secrets. It was a nice night. A few teenagers had just had a bonfire in a park. Sure they had gotten, maybe, just a little high, but nothings going to happen. And yeah, sure they might have been going a little too fast, but what could happen? But when four teenagers get in a tragic car accident and kill a young boy, they make a pact to never tell anyone about it. But one year later, the secret rekindles when a mysterious killer makes his move of revenge against the four teenagers. In this book, four scared kids join together to face their fear, that horrid night in that past summer. The story teaches us to stand up to our fears and secrets, because secrets can never be erased. Duncan uses the characters to illustrate what happens when you try to keep a dirty secret. Julie, the main character, symbolizes honesty, Ray, regret, and Collie, who seems to play a minor role, revenge. The first character Duncan uses is Julie. Julie, in my opinion, symbolizes honesty. When the accident happened, Julie was the only one who wanted to go back and try to help the boy. She was also the only one to send flowers to the funeral, which later, doesn't seem like such a good idea. After the freak accident, Julie made the biggest change in character by becoming a better student, trying to do the right things, and staying out of trouble. At first, Julie was the only honest one, but after the secret is reborn, Ray starts to regret not putting an end to it that previous summer. Ray is Julie’s ex-boyfriend and is in between decisions, and in between relationships. Ray symbolizes regret. He partially wanted to go to the police with Julie, but he didn't want his friend to go to jail. So he voted to keep it a secret. He was scared and bothered

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