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Summer Reading Assignment A Lost Lady by Willa Cather My name is Peter Adam, and I’ve known Mrs. Forrester since we were in college together. Mrs. Forrester is a wonderful woman, and also very unique and particular. When Neil Herbert met Mrs. Forrester he was still a young boy. He soon falls in love with what she represents and struggles to preserve his boyhood image of her. I think that before Mrs. Forrester’s husband dies, Neil Herbert did not realize that she had no existence without a man in her life, and her value is derived from his values. It seems to me that Mrs. Forrester is actually like an empty box that the Captain fills to create her personality. When Mr. Forrester dies, I think this is the turning point in Neil’s perspective of Mrs. Forrester. It is also a turning point in Mrs. Forrester life, and greatly affects who she is and how she will act from now on. First of all, Neil Herbert finally realizes that Mrs. Forrester was actually no one without her husband; and that it was her husband that made her valuable, by what he said about her to people. I think that at this point Neil understands who she really was and stops loving her, since she is not the wonderful woman she used to be. The captain’s death also affects Mrs. Forrester since, she is now no one, and especially because people who used to love her, are not interested in her anymore. I think this death is the key to her sudden change in personality. I think Mr. Forrester death, was actually more than one person death, it was actually the death of a whole atmosphere that used to take place in Sweet

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