Light Skin vs Dark Skin

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Mr. Jason Jefferson English 11 13 January 2013 Light Skin vs. Dark Skin While researching texts on the struggle between Light Skin vs. Dark Skin, I found a few authors who published texts about the stratification and the racial identity of Blacks, particularly educational journals, and a book. These authors usually placed the Black literature they were studying into an historical context by discussing the important events of the year in which the literature was published. My goal in this paper is to bring these sources into the Light Skin vs. Dark Skin discussion by connecting three educational journals with text from “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. To achieve this goal, I have organized my paper into 2 main sections one of which has a sub-section. In the first section, I provide an account of several events from the book that addresses the topic In the second section I discuss three twentieth century historic events. I end my paper with a third section that offers research questions for others to analyze. Before I go any farther I need to provide an historical context in which the book was written, and it is to this that I now turn. HISTORICAL CONTEXT Woodrup 2 The twentieth century introduced new problems to the average African American, such as the Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and WWII. Weather it be domestic or foreign one thing was certain racism took a step up in the bad to worse not only by whites but by themselves. White America. One of the biggest events in the 20th century was the Jim Crow laws that legally made African Americans inferior to whites in all most every important way possible. For many African Americans they couldn’t handle the struggles that these laws brought so suicide rates for Black had a significant spike. ("What Was Jim Crow?" What Was Jim
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