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Lifestage Nutrition Essay

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FACS 361
Chapter 17 – Adult Nutrition:
Conditions and Interventions

Learning Objectives

• Define key words: angiogenesis inhibitor, dyspepsia, stroke, arteries, arteriosclerosis, botanicals, myopathy, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and HMG-CoA Reductase.

• List the criteria used to classify overweight and obesity status in populations and identify their source.

• Discuss three reasons why the major nutrition focus of the Healthy People 2010 objectives for the nation is on managing weight issues.

• Describe the growing problem of diabetes mellitus by listing prevalence statistics and diagnostic criteria.

• Discuss how incremental effects of good nutrition modify the risk of heart disease and cancer.

• Evaluate dietary guideline recommendations for health care conditions, including heart disease, overweight and obesity, diabetes mellitus and HIV/AIDS.

• Develop food-based dietary guidelines to reduce the prevalence of obesity in an adult population.

• Develop eating recommendations that encourage a balanced food intake and the ability to follow the diet guidelines over time.

• Explain the role of nutrition interventions in risk reduction for chronic diseases.

• Value that a portion of our tastes are learned, and thus may be modified. For instance, do you eat tomatoes with sugar or salt? How about melons? Which foods does your culture consider edible?

Lecture Launchers

• BMI Calculations. At his death, Dr. Atkins was reported to be 72 years old, was 6 feet tall, and weighed 258 pounds. Calculate his BMI. Other reports suggested that due to his being in a coma, he had retained 60 pounds of fluid over an 8-day period, so that his normal weight was 198 pounds. Calculate the BMI at 198 pounds. [BMIs are 35.0 and 26.9, respectively.]

Chapter Outline

I. Introduction
  The leading causes of death in the U.S. are...

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