Life In Jamaica Compared To Life In America

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Tyreek Fagan Compare & contrast essay Life in America compared to life in Jamaica Diversity is one of the first visuals that separate you from someone else mentally. Living in America, a very diverse country; people from all over the world are seen in one location. Meanwhile lives in other parts of the world are not very much diverse. Jamaica is not a very diverse population of people. With majority of its people being Negro, diversity is not easily seen. With people mainly of the same ethnic background, cultural understanding is easier to be understood among people living there. With all the diverse people living in the U.S.A, different religions and beliefs are more commonly seen. People of Christianity, Muslim or Jewish religion, can all be found living in the same location. When looking at the situation in Jamaica, this form or cultural development is not easily seen within the small population of people living there. Many Jamaicans believe in the Rastafarian belief. The Rastafarian religion originally started in Africa then moved to Jamaica. This religion started without any attempt to become a globalized religion. It has now spread through other Caribbean islands, cities in the United States, along with other parts of the world. Followers of the Rastafarian movement are known as Rastafarians. Most recognized by Marcus Garvey, a religious prophet. In the 1930's Jamaicans continued to struggle with post slavery discrimination. At the time of the Rastafarian Movement, Jamaicans began to create their own dialect in attempts to protest the imposed English language. Many of these Jamaicans were Rastas who took the dialect further by rearranging English words that have a negative tone. Dialect is very different from an official language. The pronunciations of words in America would not be considered a dialect based on the fact that it was not intentionally

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