Pop Culture: American Identity

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American Identity America consists of a lot of different people. All of these people are of different cultures, race, and religions. Even though they have many differences they all live and work together. Based on my culturally diverse friends and different other observations I feel that America is a melting pot. I see America can mean something different to everyone. There is no one aspect that can wholly and truly define the vast, varied nation. To some it simply represents home, to others it stands for freedom, refuge, or the land of opportunity. Still to others it is a great force, a country to be reckoned with. Some see America as a peace keeper while others blame it for their misery. Whether or not familiar with American culture…show more content…
Pop culture never defined American culture but defined the culture of a specific generation. Because many forms of pop culture have existed in America, we do not have a tradition or established culture of our own. The problem with pop culture is that the media is filled with mainly one type of person. Skinny, white, and beautiful people are on television, magazines and in music. This makes it easy to forget what a multi-cultural nation it is. The media is not a very diverse environment. This creates an image that makes other ethnic groups feel that they do not belong. In the earlier 20th century people of color were excluded from society. Today the white American image still exists. This image creates a problem for cultural unity. People of different race, religion, culture, and backgrounds have problems identifying with each other. People only interact with people of their own race. People also tend to live with people of their own culture. This makes it more comfortable for them to live in America but fails to integrate people of different cultures. This resembles more of a salad than a melting pot of culture. People initially see people based on color, ethnicity and on how they

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