Life After Losing Weight Essay

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Life after Losing Weight Although many people believe that losing weight is pointless because it will eventually come back, actually there is strong evidence that one can manage body weight by simply changing one’s eating habits and exercising more. Someone might think that having some extra weight is not a big problem, but this was not a case for my cousin. She was suffering from being overweight and that was her problem. One time Marry told me that she was so embarrassed by it that she tried to look in the mirror as rarely as possible. Also, she knew that if she did not change then it would be very difficult to stay healthy when she will got older. That was enough for her to rise from the couch and go for a walk. A new life began. At first it was difficult to change the usual course of life. She had to learn a new way to think about food and how to incorporate exercise into her life. She did not have to force herself to do that because after she lost 5 pounds, she became so exited that she decided to go on. By the end of the first month she was bouncing and smiling like the child she had left behind. At this point she realized she had done more then lose weight. She stepped on the road to a healthy life. Eating healthy and exercising helped her to lose weight and inches, but the best part was feeling healthy again. She started a new level of life, a life she wanted. New friends, new job, new relations and activities fulfilled her life. And she was enjoying it. Now she belongs to a gym, rides her bike and runs in the morning. She could never have done all this without the weight loss and a whole shift in the way she thinks about how to spent her time. The more Marry slimmed down, the more attractive she became to her friends. She started to receive more and more compliments about how good she looked. But this was just external change. The real change was

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