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My first extended stay away from home occurred at age ten when I attended Camp Elliot Barker. Camp Elliot Barker was a Girl Scout camp which I decided to go so that I could experience something new and exhibit independence. I had the opportunity to gain a wide exposure to people from different walks of life and learn many practical skills. Though I found it difficult because of my battle with homesickness, I was, and am still grateful I was able to attend the camp. The weeks prior to attending Camp Elliot Barker were filled with excitement, anticipation, nervousness and stress. The thought alone of being away from home for a week made me homesick. The only time I spent away from home was the time I spent at relatives’ homes. Fortunately,…show more content…
My friends and I got acquainted with the girls that were in our group and we were also introduced to our camp councilors. One thing I found interesting was that the councilors did not use their real names. Instead, they made up names such as, “Spring” “Pippin” “Snoopy” and “Rain”. Sarah and I soon became fixated on discovering the real names of our instructors to such a degree that we snuck into the nurse’s office and looked through her files. That day, we were also introduced to the horses we would be riding. The name of the horse I was assigned to was Nutmeg. Unfortunately, she was not a very tame horse and on many occasions she would run off the trail and into the forest, forcing the camp councilors to search for…show more content…
I recall one night when Sarah, Sarabeth and I stayed in the same bed, crying all night. Cell phones were not allowed at Camp Elliot Barker, but Sarah was able to conceal her cell phone in her bag. I called my sister and pleaded with her to pick me up, but she would not. I was desperate to leave Camp Elliot Barker but had no way to escape. As the days progressed, however, I felt more at ease at camp. I began to befriend many girls, which helped my comfort level, but what helped remedy my homesickness the most came from within me. I had to force myself to be realistic, and come to grips with the fact that I had to stay at Camp Elliot Barker because I had already made the commitment. I realized that there was absolutely nothing to be depressed about because the day would eventually come when I would be home again. This realization kept me going throughout the week at camp and ultimately led to the ability to allow myself to have one of the best times of my

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