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A Children’s Centre is reviewing the policies and procedures which will promote children’s health and welfare as well as their development. E1 – Identify FIVE (5) pieces of current legislation. E2 – Describe how each piece of legislation will influence working practices in the setting. The Children’s Act 1989/2004 “The Children’s Act is a United Kingdom act passed on 15th November 2004.” The Children’s Act 1989/2004 was introduced to allow equal opportunities to each and every child. This includes taking into account a child’s religion, racial origin & cultural background. A programme brought in by the Children’s Act was the ‘Every Childs Matter’ framework which was introduced in 2003. This framework was created after many high profile investigations into the safety of children. (E.g. Investigations including Victoria Climbié). There out five outcomes of this framework that aim to keep the safety of children content. These five outcomes include: 1. Stay Safe 2. Be Healthy 3. Enjoy & Achieve 4. Achieve Economic Wellbeing 5. Make Positive Contribution In my placement the Children’s Act is used in the school’s strategic aims. A policy relating to The Children’s Act 1989/2004 could be the Safeguarding linking to child protection. A policy brought in by the ‘Children’s Act 1989/ 2004’ was the ‘Working together to Safeguard Children (1999)’, this policy was brought in to help emphasis the responsibilities of staff towards any child at the risk of being put at risk. The Childcare Act 2006 ‘The Act will help transform childcare and Early Years services in England for generations to come’ - http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk The Childcare act of 2006 was brought in to allow children to have the best start to their childhood. This act also links to ‘Every Child Matters’ framework. Within a childcare setting a childcare
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