Level 2 Safeguarding

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ASSESSMENT PLAN CT 229 - Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people Date: 29/3/13 This unit is about safeguarding children and young people. Government has put in place various legislations and mechanisms to protect children and young people from harm . In order to enable them to develop fully, practitioners are obliged to perform their roles in ensuring that the environment, staff and all activities are organised to protect children and young people and support them when there are concerns. This is also done with relevant stakeholders to ensure that positive outcomes are achieved. I would like you to think of the reasons why such systems are in place and different ways by which children and young people can be exposed to harm. The unit is knowledge based and would be assessed through written assignment. The work book and your text book would be useful. Please refer to your Plagiarism document for guidance on referencing. I would like you to draw from your experience in your and give examples as much as possible. (pls reference your work appropriately and refer to your plagiarism document for further details) Please answer the following questions: 1.1 Complete the table below and provide examples for the last 2 columns: Current Legislation | Current Guidelines | Policies & Procedures | How these systems Safeguard the welfare of children & young people | How these systems safeguard the welfare of children & young people when using E-technology | protect children from maltreatment | Can be found in the children act 1989 and 2004 | I would report any concerns to my manager or deputy manager. | A child’s behaviour can say a lot about home life and concerns need to be addressed | No mobile phones
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