Level 2 Critical Thinking Questions

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There are 2 different levels of questions we can ask ourselves when we read a text. Each level goes deeper into the meaning of the text, and helps us to annotate or interpret what we need. Level One: Reading online to recall These are questions that can be answered with details that are directly within the text itself. These are the basic “recall” questions. (5 W’s) Example: “What did Harrison’s Father, Sam, have to wear in order to maintain an intelligence level that was equal with his wife, Sally? “ We can find the answer to this question directly in the text. Therefore, it is a surface level, or recall question that checks for the reader’s basic understanding of the text. Level Two You can make interpretation based on details in the text.…show more content…
Level 3: Reading beyond the lines for universal meaning Readers can move beyond the text to identify its universal meaning. As you read, you may ask questions, like, “how does this text connect with my personal life, or with life in a larger sense for a human being. Considering my ideas about morality and & values?” These are open minded questions that should generate minded questions that should generate a discussion of abstract and thematic issues. Example: “In what way(s) does the author resemble society in the story?” When you write an introductory paragraph, keep in mind that: * Writing an intro paragraph is like greeting someone. The paragraph should be short and to the point like saying “Hello!” * You also don’t want to get into the meant of the essay. Remember that the Introductory Paragraph is… * The most important paragraph of the essay. * Must be at least 3 sentences minimum * Need to do 3 things: Briefly introduce topic, clearly state your position, and provide reason. Examples: -Almost every time that you turn on the TV, you find shows that are

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