Letter to Pip in Great Expectations

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Dear Pip, How are you doing old chap? I have written this letter to discuss such things that have been troubling my mind. That wretched girl you always mumble about, I believe Estella is her name is nothing but a no-good for your heart Pip. Do you remember many years ago when you first believed you were in love, did Estella hold back anything about your hands, your boots, your common nature. You were just forced to do Miss Havisham’s bidding by having your heart broken by her man-killer as she put it. Just stop with you many “Beautiful Estella” shenanigans and try to win over a much more gentle lady of society. Sure she may have opulence, wealth, and a slight sense of looking could on the outside but on the inside Estella is nothing but a wicked being polar-opposite to her outside. Estella even got you thinking about how “common” Joe was back when you first became his apprentice. Joe may have been a little rough around the edges with society but he cared for you something you Estella could never do. Although, I do not like this lady you having dreaming over, I know for a fact that it was not her fault but the fault of Estella’s upbringing. Mainly this task had fallen under Miss Havisham and this was a problem from the begging because you see Pip, Miss Havisham brought Estella up to be a woman every man loved, therefore breaking all hearts of the men closest to her. I do not fancy the fact that you will ever end up with Estella but Pip always remember she will NEVER love you back. Sincerely your good friend,
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