First Impressions Of Curley's Wife

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Curley’s wife is first introduced when candy describes her to George. Candy says ‘she got the eye’ which implies she spends her time staring at every man she encounters. Following that he also calls her a ‘tart’ indicating that she is a woman that is sexually suggestive. Candy is a genuinely kind and truthful person and calls everyone a ‘hell of a nice fella’ so when he dislikes her we also disapprove of her. Furthermore Steinbeck emphasises this impression of her by her physical appearance in the novel. ‘She had full rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up’, here she flaunts herself around the ranch looking inappropriately which clearly shows she wants to be at the centre of attention. Steinbeck also uses a repetition of red, she wore ‘red mules’ and ‘her fingernails were red’ which symbolises her as danger. To build on our opinions of her, her body language is deliberately provocative when she leans ‘so that her body was thrown forward’. She does this aware of revealing her figure in a ranch full of men and…show more content…
The reader now thinks that Curley’s wife was misunderstood, lonely and didn’t deserve the abusive comments she received. Candy then says ‘you ain’t wanted here’ making the reader feel more apologetic towards her. Despite this she calls them ‘a bunch of bindle stiffs’ and claims that she is only there because ‘they ain’t nobody else’. She then turned on crooks ‘in scorn “listen nigger”’ this is very cruel and spiteful but maybe she was only retaliating. She also tries to ally with them when she says ‘I’d like to bust him myself’, she is referring to Curley and says how she also hates him too. In addition to this candy says ‘curley’s wife can move quiet. I guess she had a lot of practice though’ meaning she is always after men behind curley’s back that she has got very skilled and can leave without anyone
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