Lease Versus Purchase Paper FIN 370

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Lease Versus Purchase Paper FIN/370 April 06,2015 Jessica Sexton Lease Versus Purchase Companies have two ways that they can acquire assets, lease or purchase, but sometimes it is hard to determine which of the two is better. In comparing the benefits of the two we can tell which one will be the best decision for the firm, and which one will not hurt them in the long-term. Factors Involving Lease Versus Purchase Businesses must decide whether it would be financially cost effective to purchase or lease any materials needed. It must look at the amount of money available. If there is not enough capital then a company may choose to lease. So if your company is just getting off the ground than leasing would probably be the best direction (Grover, 1999-2015). The companies that have been around for a while and have a strong footing may look at purchasing. They have money needed to buy the things they may use to conduct business as long as ownership is the optimal scenario. They can keep their costs low by choosing to purchase. In today’s world technology is ever changing and some companies and use the advantage of leasing to upgrade on a consistent bases. There certain areas a company can get set in their ways and enjoy how equipment, vehicles or any other materials are performing. This is where they would choose to purchase to…show more content…
What are the overall goals? Is cash availability more important than owning the item items long-term? If it cost more to lease than to purchase than purchasing the item upfront would make more sense. Additionally, how quickly will the item depreciate or become antiquated. What tax credits can be earned on depreciation of an owned asset or the lease payments? This is another important question. Overall, it is important to consider the longevity and value of the item against corporate goals to determine if a lease or purchase makes more

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