Leadership Motivation Case Study

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Leadership/Motivation Case – “A Question of Motivation” From: Robbins, Stephen P., and Judge, Timothy A., Organizational Behavior, Pearson/Prentice Hall Publishing, 12th edition, pg 712-714. Alex and Stephanie have a few things in common. Both are students at their state’s university and both work full-time at a local supermarket to make ends meet and help pay for college. Though the pay isn’t great, it’s a steady job that allows them some flexibility, which helps when scheduling classes. Both students joined the supermarket two years ago, and, given their similar situations, became friends quickly. Although Stephanie seems to enjoy her job, arriving and leaving work each day with a smile on her face, Alex often grumbles and complains about his work. Much of the time, Alex complains about his boss, Dan, who oversees the produce department. Stephanie works for Jonathan, a 10-year veteran who everyone generally admires for his friendly demeanor and relaxed management style. Most employees want to work for Jonathan, as he often assigns his employees different duties each week so workers don’t get bored. Stephanie, for instance, can be working at the checkout counter one week, stocking shelves the next, and in the store’s culinary center the following week. The culinary center is a new service that the store is test-marketing. Employees show customers how to create exciting recipes from start to finish. It is Stephanie’s favorite place in the store to work. She is also responsible for taking customers around the store to locate ingredients for a culinary center recipe, many of the ingredients being some of the stores finest. And she enjoys allowing customers to sample what she cooks. So far, the culinary center is a success, and many of the store’s more expensive ingredients are becoming difficult to keep in stock. To help with this issue,

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