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Law; Judges, Courts and Case Studies Essay

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Hannah Ball     Law     Mark Beddow
Magistrates are part time and only sit in the magistrate’s court. They have some training on the court procedures; however they are not legally qualified. They are volunteers from within the community and are unpaid; in some cases they sit in threes and can be known as justices of piece. They hear criminal cases and sometime civil cases. As they are unprofessional and not trained in law they are advised by a fully qualified Clerk. They have to sit for at least 35 – 70 days a year.
Lay Magistrates
Lay magistrates are part time and only sit in the crown court and are unprofessional judges they also come within the community and act as peers which give the jury effect. They are normally between the ages of 21-65 and have to live within the area of the magistrate’s court. They decide the facts in the case.
Solicitors are fully qualified lawyers, as they are fully trained they will have degrees in law. They provide a legal service on any aspect of law to the defended or prosecution. Sometime they work as advocates whilst in court a black robe is worn.   They work within the crown and magistrates court.
Solicitor advocate  
Solicitor advocates are fully qualified in law and represent clients in higher courts such as the crown court and could lead up to the House of Lords. Their duties and responsibilities are very much the same as a solicitor / barrister. They are expert solicitors who specialise in civil or criminal cases or sometimes they specialise in both whilst in court a black robe is worn.
Barristers are fully qualified in law and have gained the right to present in any court. They can work as advocated also and give detailed advice and opinions on the legal aspects of any case. They cannot be approached by the public; it has to go through a solicitor first they hardly ever are in the magistrates court normally the crown. Whilst in court a black robe is worn.
The jury are...

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