Lars and the Real Girl

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Mercedes Dowell Movie Criticism Critical Essay Lars and the The Real Girl To most people who have seen Lars and the Real Girl (2007), the movie comes across a dramatic comedy that poses the question what if a town full of people pretended that a life size doll was an actual person. However if someone were to only look at the movie with that perspective they might actually miss out on the true meaning behind the movie. When first observing Lars Lindstrom (Ryan Gosling), the viewer can tell that Lars is a sweet, caring, and helpful person but generally prefers to keep to himself. Even though Lars’ brother Gus (Paul Schneider), sister-in-law Karen (Emily Mortimer), and most of town view Lars as a sort of sympathy case that is the farthest thing from Lars’ mind. As the movie progresses it would seem the biggest thing Lars wants it acceptance. Lars sets off in quest for acceptance by introducing his family to Bianca, a life size female doll. After bringing home the doll Lars’ family thinks he has officially gone crazy and seeks to get him the proper help from the family doctor. At Dr.Dagmar’s (Patricia Clarkson) insistence, Lars’s family begins to accept Bianca as a part of their lives, and in turn Lars soon begins interacting with the townspeople more. Through the interactions of others with Bianca, Lars slowly starts to let down his guards and is able to develop real relationships with people instead of keeping them at arm’s length. Now at first glance the movie would seem to suggest all Lars needed to feel normal was just to get out and interact more but it needs to be understood that Lars’ problems were deep rooted. From Lars’ sessions with Dr.Dagmar, we learn that Lars lost his mother when she was delivering him and that he was left to be raised by his father, who, it can be assumed, after the passing of his wife became cold and distant. We also learn that Gus

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