Antwone And Dr Davenports Relationship Analysis

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Antwone and Dr Davenport had an interesting and emotional relationship throughout the movie. These drastic changes in it throughout the movie, and the relationship is layered in many different ways. Dr Davenport starts off appearing to be just a mentor but as you look deeper into there relationship you realize their is much more to these two characters. The beginning of their relationship is an unwanted and unwelcome situation from Fisher’s point of view, but it was just a job from the doctor’s point of view. When, finally Fisher opens up to the Doctor, they begin to develop a relationship. Antwone is nervous and closed at first, but Dr. Davenport doesn’t back down from asking the searching questions he has asked Fisher. Eventually Davenport learns a lot about Fisher though their sessions. He learns of Antwone’s troubled past and his struggle growing up a foster child. Davenport gives Fisher plenty of advice on how to act when the guys enrage him or what to say around women but the most important advice was when he told Antwone that he should go find his mother, find out her story. At first Fisher was totally turned off to the idea of finding his family that had hurt him so much the ones that cause all this inner turmoil he was feeling even now. But after a little while even…show more content…
Mothers nurture and raise their children but in return they realize the true beauty of love in a child. The mentor becomes the mentee in this relationship and many others. Christianity has much of these sorts of relationships, as Christians they are supposed to give of them selves or sacrifice for others and in return they benefit from the situation where they are giving something. We realize that Fisher isn’t the only hurting and broken person who needs help, but the doctor also needs help. This could lead us to assume that everyone is hurting and broken in someway and in need of healing and

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