Inspector Goole In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls Character Studies Inspector Goole: It’s a false inspector therefore we don’t know his true name, not much to say. Goole has a physic that imposes respect and authority, however he doesn’t cause fear, and it’s always in calm and never looses his patience. His importance on the play is really important he is the person who discovers all the skeletons which the Birling’s had and also make they think about how false and arrogant they are. The inspector represents a judge for them, he makes the Birlings to realize how bad they were and also he kind of punishes them. His language is always a formal and has a paused speech, however he know when to make him notice like when the Birlings loose their patience. Mr Birling:…show more content…
Sheila is the only one which feels compassion from Eva’s death. The reader also sympathises with her because he is the only one which reveals against the power of rich classes. She is still a young woman and therefore she expects more to happen in his life, also as the play says she is “very pleased with life”. Sheila’s language is in a mid term between formal and informal due to his short age. Eric: His relations with his family are open; all the family knows his drink problem except his mother because he still sees him as a child. Eric is showed as an immature person because instead of speaking and solving his problems he drinks to forget the however he matures and learns several important things about responsibility and life through the play; like assuming his responsibility of Eva’s death. Eric’s language is similar to Sheila not very formal or informal. Gerald: He is the only person who isn’t of the Birling family; he is the son of a competitor of Birling’s company. He is attracted by both Eva and Sheila. However with Eva he commits an infidelity which could cause the cancel of his compromise with Sheila however she appreciates her sincerity and continue with the planning. His language is similar to both Sheila and
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