The Women Of Brewster Place Reflection

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The Women of Brewster Place, written by Gloria Naylor, is a novel of seven stories of women who live on Brewster Place. Each story focuses on the life of one or two women on Brewster Place, which each story is interconnected in some way with the story following it. Brewster Place is a street in which all these women live. When first starting the book I thought that it was going to be seven stories that had something in common but not as common as it turned out to be. The first chapter I got a sense of what Brewster Place was, who lived there and why it was such an important place. I felt that the people who lived on Brewster Place were being punished and isolated from the rest of the town. That was due to the wall that was placed at the end of the street to keep the flow of traffic moving but it separated those on Brewster Place to those of the “outside world”. The first character I met was Mattie Michael, she was just moving to Brewster Place. Mattie I believe was very spoiled by her father and sheltered as well. She did have a sense of the outside world as many young girls explore at a young age, she was not given that option. I think the reason for her doing what she did was because she was so sheltered and thought that she could make her own decisions but her own decisions got her mixed up in a situation leaving her basically alone to take care of her son. I believe that her father abandoned her because she went against him and made her own decisions. Etta was a character who did not settle down with a man, she was very free spirited. I feel that bringing Mattie and Etta together brings out the best in both of them. Etta brings out the spice in Mattie and Mattie tries to get Etta to settle down. Etta I feel like was using the men she met for status reasons to keep herself up in the community. Next Kiswana, the only women who really chose to live
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