J. B Priestley's Description Of An Inspector Calls

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Millie Johns, 10ACO 2nd November 2008 “An Inspector Calls” By J.B Priestley The play ‘An Inspector Calls’ is all about investigating a girl’s awful death. The mysterious inspector strips away information from the characters to make them realise that they have all played a part in this harmless girl’s life. The play is set in an industrial town in the North Midlands in Brumley. Written after World War Two there is very much the aspect of class. This is a very big part of the play. It is set in the year 1912 which is before World War One and in the same year that the very well known Titanic sank. The Birling family are all very upper class people who turn their noses up at people most of the time. They believe only in one thing and…show more content…
Mr Birling calls him in and even though the character Inspector Goole has a huge part in the play he makes first appearance quite simply. In the play they say that the inspector creates a massive impression and as he enters he gives off a strong sense of purposefulness in the room in which he stands. In the 1954 film (staring Alex Guinness) the inspector appears with out any warning. As the play says he gives an impression of purposefulness and massiveness and also the feeling of mystery. I think the reason he was made to just appear was to create that feeling for the audience watching the film. It straightaway makes you wonder and think about him by introducing him into the film in such a way and I think it was very effective. When the inspector appears in the play, they say that he looks at the person he is addressing very thoughtfully and hard before actually speaking. When he fist starts speaking he is very polite and thoughtful almost seems a bit dazed. He holds off at first what he is actually there to say and the, when Mr Birling starts getting agitated, he announces what has happened in a very firm and straightforward way. He says
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