Langston Hughes Analysis

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Langston Hughes Analysis Langston Hughes is known for his writings during the Harlem Renaissance era. He is considered the most significant black writer of the twentieth century. During this time, African-Americans were expressing themselves in art, music, politics and education more deeply. Hughes is a poet, writer and playwright. He has published works ranging from various subjects such as racism to salvation. He communicates mostly to the African-American audience but all races can relate in one way or another. He expresses the struggle that blacks have endured over the years and their yearning for better opportunities. Blacks have been suppressed by society’s ideas and stereotypes. Hughes writes about not only individuals whose dreams have been limited but also communities whose American dreams have been put on hold. Blacks were not able to progress in society because they were not able to receive the same education as whites therefore the few that fought through the racism and criticism such as Hughes gained a voice. They gained a voice to articulate the influence that African-Americans held in society. Hughes was not afraid to stand up for what he believed despite of what others thought. He wanted the world to know that skin color was not a factor when it came to your social standing in the world. He wanted to break down the walls of class division. He yearned to motivate the youth to make a difference so that they would not be forced to go through the oppression of their thoughts and opinions. Poems such as “A Dream Deferred” consider the importance of aspirations and the inner conflict it causes within when they are not pursued. He expressed how you could feel incomplete and it will always be there in the back of your mind of what could have been or what should be. He stressed the importance of realizing your potential and asserted your dreams. Most of
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