Enter The New Negro Analysis

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Enters the New Negro, Alaine Locke Alaine Locke’s piece of work “Enters the New Negro” is one of the scholarly works that have garnered a lot of publicity from all corners of the world. In this piece of work, Locke describes a revolutionary time when the African Americans experience a new light of hope to put an end of their past miserable life, a condition that had been heightened by the existence of racial boundaries. The work of this scholar marks an ending of suffering and equal treatment of all American nationalists, whether white of black. The critics of this novel have pointed out that the Locke’s prediction of hope Black Americans was the first leg of a new journey towards salvation of the enslaved African. The feature of Harlem Renaissance used by the author, points out to the long journey of liberation that African Americans had to undergo during their stay in America. Being a Negro himself, Lock…show more content…
He claims that the American culture has subjected the African Americans to slavery in hard labor and discriminatory treatment for a long time, without ever striving to understand them as human beings. On the other hand, the Old Negro has supported their oppressors by remaining submissive and enduring the oppression while making excuses for this kind of treatment. The idea of this scholar is that the African Americans have suffered for remaining silent and failing to stand out for their rights during the long oppression period. However, the new Negro is incompatible with the old one, as he is more assertive and determined to fight for an equal position in the society. The words of Locke echo the words of Hubert Harrison who initiated the New Negro Movement in 1917 that advocated for political equality in America. Both activists seem to take up the role of midwife to partake in the birth of a new African American Race that is
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