Countee Cullen's Poems During The Harlem Renaissance

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Melissa Cox P:1 The Harlem Renaissance was a rebirth during the 1920’s. I found the two poems, “From the Dark Tower” by Countee Cullen and “As I Grew Older” by Langston Hughes. Both of these poems originated from the Harlem Renaissance Era and they deal with the difficulties African Americans faced in society beginning during the 1920’s. Hughes and Cullen attached these ideas in two different methods; however, the underlying messages were quite similar. When I first read the poems, I noticed how both speakers identified the tremendous challenges all African Americans were confronted with. The speaker of “From the Darker Tower” identifies as someone who endures this struggle as well because he states, “we…show more content…
Also the section’s layout is quite accurate because the poems are aligned next to one another which visually aid the readers in understanding the more subtle aspects of each poem, such as the abrupt lines in Hughes’ poem emphasize anticipation, while Cullen’s longer sentences express the speaker’s patience in waiting for a change. The footnotes are also useful because they reference to the collections in which the poems were taken from and a reader who may have knowledge on those topics would be able to better understand the speaker’s point of view. Cullen’s poem, “From the Darker Tower” and Hughes’ poem “As I Grew Older” create a unique match because of the methods each speakers uses in order to convey the ideas of oppression and the mistreat African Americans faced. Although the main ideas of each poem are not complex, the symbolic meaning behind the text and the imagery used is extremely powerful and forces the readers to closely analyze the poems, in order to create an outstanding

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