Eth 125 Cultural Diversity Report

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Historical Report on Race Monique Reed/News reporter ETH/125 Cultural Diversity August 14, 2012 In today’s society we all have experience discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping no matter what race you are it still happens. Within all the race African Americans have a past in which it still have a effect on people that have did not even go through it personally but the pain, and hardship was enough to have a type of mental affect on them. African Americans were called colored people instead of by their birth name; they had to go through slavery as well. In the United States slavery was made as blacks becoming the slave labor which took place in North America. More than year’s ago slavery was formed funding of the U.S in 1770’s following the American Civil War was the first English colony in North America, acquired its first African in 161. It is said that slavery was a principal issue leading to the American…show more content…
In the mid- 1960’s white supremacy still persisted. African Americans fought in every war that the United States had throughout history. The Civil Rights and Black Power African movements obtained certain rights for African Americans. Doing so changed American society in a far- reaching and fundamental important way. In the 1950’s Black Americans from South endured, de jure discrimination. Black Americans would often be victims of extreme cruelty and violence, causing death. They began to discontent their long- standing inequality. From the words of Martin Luther King Jr, and other African Americans and their supporters, they began to challenge the nation to “rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created

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