Landlord Rights Case Study

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Wisconsin landlords are not allowed by law to rent or advertise property that is condemned. The landlord has to disclose any defects in the property and any uncorrected housing code violations to a prospective tenant. Any defects that may be a substantial hazard to health or safety must be disclosed. Some defects that would need to be disclosed are structural defects, a lack of hot and cold running water, plumbing, or electrical problems. A landlord must notify to a tenant if the heating unit is not able to maintain a temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. If there are several units within a property and the units do not have individual meters, the landlord is responsible for disclosing how the amount will be split up among each dwelling…show more content…
Compare and contrast the landlord rights and duties of the two states of your choosing. Both Wisconsin and Wyoming have very similar rights and duties regarding the landlord. They both require a deposit and no interest needs to be given back to the tenant at the time of termination. In both states the repairs need to be in writing and the landlords must give a notice before entering the premises. The difference between the two states is in Wyoming the landlord can refuse to fix the damages and terminate the rental agreement. In Wyoming, the tenant cannot come after the landlord for mental suffering and anguish. Wisconsin does not state anything regarding this. 2. Identify which state provides greater landlord rights and protections and…show more content…
The landlord gets a choice as to whether to continue on a tenancy in regards to damages to the premises. Wisconsin landlords do not have a choice to terminate a tenancy because they choose not to fix a problem. 3. Identify which state requires more duties of the landlord and why. Wisconsin requires more duties of the landlord. Wisconsin landlords are required to fix problems that make the premises unlivable for the tenant. The landlord has more steps when it comes to evicting a tenant. 4. Describe the areas of the law that landlords are provided greater rights and

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