Old Smoke Essay

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1. Explain how you would handle this situation if you were Charles Renfold. In the first place, Charles cannot discipline Darlene Lambert for insubordination, because she did not refused the job at-right, but she rather refused to work under an unfavorable condition to her health, which was the old smoke odor in the file room. Discipline for insubordination can only be carried out when an employee refuse to accomplish an assigned responsibility after all necessary conditions had been met to get the job done. Darlene is not really oversensitive, because according to the case, Darlene wasn’t crazy about the smell of cigarettes under the best of circumstances, but on that particular day, she was caught in the box, and the thoughts of the cigarette fumes made her felt slightly nauseated. Likewise Charles Renford, was not in the best position and will not be fair to Frank and Alice, if they had to be ordered to stop smoking in the office of which they had been doing for quite some time. Although I do not agree to smoking in the office because it’s a place of public area and not an area designated for smoking, but if they were allowed to do smoke in the office by their organization, then they have the right to do so without any interference. If I were Charles, I would ask Frank and Alice to help Darlene Lambert that day, by looking up for the files she needed to complete the job at that particular period, since she was not ready to be in that office because of the smell of the old smoke. I will then try to council Frank and Alice if possible, not to smoke in their office because of the sake of other employees who are non-smokers and not necessary banning or ordering them to stop smoking, but will try to come to a comprise with them. Compromise can be possible if that is what we look for at a place of work where there is misunderstanding. As non-smokers

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