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Logistics Case Study Paper 1 Week 3 DeVry University The Case of Handy Andy, Inc. The case study of Handy Andy, Inc. presents the problems associated with having authorized dealers distributing products rather than having them distributed direct from the manufacture. Whether it is through installation or quality of product issues, it is important to capture feedback and customer input from time to time to ensure that your business and products are being represented to the highest degree. Customer Service: That is the Question Looking at the intended survey that Mr. Ortega began contacting customers on; we see that there was an issue in certain cities with delivering the contractual level of service between the authorized factory distributors and the licensed distributors on behalf of Handy Andy, Inc. Furthermore, there were other, more contractually damaging findings that produced questions as to whether these certain distributors were conducting themselves as honest representatives of Handy Andy, Inc. It is completely apparent that all issues found within the study that Mr. Ortega conducted captured a systemic and calculated customer service problem. Exploiting Distributors? When looking at the many different ways that Handy Andy, Inc. and its licensed retailers were exploited, we find that information was selective and guarded. Customers in the areas of concern were under the impression that they had to contact the factory directly rather than the actual retailers or even Handy Andy, Inc. Exploiting Distributors? (cont.) The fact that the distributors stated that the “1 year warranty” was backed by them also kept the reviews and complaints away from Handy Andy, Inc. Customers that purchased the trash compactors were not instructed to contact the retailer or the manufacture directly and evidently none

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