Lakeside Correctional Facility

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Welcome to Lakeside Correctional Facility Center. Lakeside Correctional Center is a minimum security facility located in Alamance County, North Carolina. Lakeside is a facility that houses convicted offenders under continuous custody for a long term basis. Lakeside consists of one 2-story dormitory that houses a capacity of 80 inmates collectively. The facility has cells that accommodate two inmates per cell. The facility also has laundry rooms, an infirmary, canteen, kitchen, dining hall, program activity room, conference rooms and numerous offices to conduct prison business. It contains a segregation unit for 15 inmates who need special accommodations or have special needs, such as mentally ill, physically disabled, or drug dependent offenders. On the exterior of the facility, there are recreational areas where inmates have an opportunity to participate in various activities. There are free weights and benches on the premises as well as basketball goals for the inmates’ enjoyment. According to their behavior, each inmate’s privileges can be taken away at any given time. Finally, the facility is designed to house low risk, non-violent offenders who are serving short-term sentences. Our staff includes medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, kitchen and janitorial staff, social workers, case managers, teachers, residential care staff, and correctional officers. The primary goals and objectives of the staff at Lakeside are to manage the changes within the institution. Our staff is always seeking to improve the everyday functioning of the facility. They will also provide good leadership for the organization. Good leadership includes having a good morale for their co-workers as well as the inmates. An ethical behavior is mandatory at all times. Our staff ensures that the organizational management performance is set at very high standards.

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