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Christina M. Owens Writing Assignment October 29th, 2012 Capital Punishment by Lethal Injection Capital Punishment is defined as the execution of a convicted criminal by the State as punishment for crimes known as capital crimes or capital offences. Capital Punishment is given when the crime is considered so vast and so horrible that it is over the realm of being forgiven or pardoned. Capital punishment in the United States is officially certified by 38 of the 50 states; the minimum age at time of crime to be subject to the death penalty is 18. Throughout history, statistics have proven that Capital Punishment furthermore known as the death penalty to be a working prevention of major crimes. When the death penalty is carried out, it…show more content…
At this present time, lethal injection is the method used or allowed in 37 of the 38 states which allow the death penalty and by the federal government. Nebraska insists on electrocution. Other states allow electrocution also as well as the gas chambers, hanging and the firing squad. In 1982, the United States became the first country on Earth to perform executions by lethal injection as a means of capital punishment. China became the second in 1997, and several other countries have surely adopted this form of capital punishment. Lethal injection is by far the most familiar type of killing in the United States. The capital-punishment course of action begins when the person is found guilty of a crime and pronounce judgment to death. T be mindful that the carrying out of the verdict can be delayed for many years while the convicted prisoner makes his pleas to the courts. In the period in-between, the prisoner accommodates his/her very own cell in a section of a state or federal prison called death row. The exact events that go along can differ from state to state, Consequently, the general procedure is generally the same as any other state. Once a prisoner's petitions are depleted, an execution order is given and a date is set for the execution. The convicted inmate may be transferred from the general predestined housing area into a exceptional area of the prison, called death watch. This area may be sheltered in the…show more content…
These official visits come about in the death watch vicinity or a special visitation room, and are brought to an end sometime for the duration of that last day. In the last few hours, quite a lot of events take place in the arrangement for the execution. These events include: the last meal where the Penitentiaries try to make available whatever meal the convicted prisoner requests. The inmate will receive a visit from the Warden and chaplain, where the warden and the state-appointed chaplain visit with the inmate and stay until the end of the execution. Even witnesses will arrive and usually there is no interaction between the two, they are detained in a limited room neighboring to the execution chamber and are directed to remain silent. While undergoing preparation, the prisoner is allowed to shower and in some states, they allow male inmates to have a fresh pair of pants and shirt, and for the females, a dress. While other states call for inmates to remove any outer clothing. Once the inmate is fully clad, he or she waits in the death-watch cell with a spiritual advisor until the warden gives the warning sign to bring the prisoner to the execution chamber. The prisoner is brought to the chamber just a few minutes before the planned execution. After all the

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