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CHEMISTRY HL Investigation 1.2 Standardizing a solution of hydrochloric acid using a standard solution of Sodium Carbonate Candidate name: Amjad Al-Jafari 11 IBDP 1/2/2013 Preparing a standard solution of Sodium Carbonate (A) • Data Collection and Processing: 1. Data Collection: -Mass of Sodium Carbone which is the solute in this solution: 1.26 ± 0.01 grams. -Volume of distilled water which is the solvent in this solution : 250 ± 0.3 cm3 = 0.250 dm3 -Molar Mass of Sodium Carbonate: 2 Na + 1 C + 3 O = 105.99 Observations: Before beginning the experiment we observed that: • Sodium Carbonate is solid powder that has a white color, • Distilled Water is colorless. During the experiment we observed that: • As we started to add the solution of Sodium Carbonate to water its particles started to dissolve in the solvent as we are stirring until all particles are dissolved in the solvent (water). After the experiment we observed that: • However a white solid powder of Sodium Carbonate has been added to water no color change occurred, it stayed colorless, still all particles of Sodium Carbonate has dissolved in water. 2. Data Processing: Background: We know that a standard solution is a solution with a known concentration, which can be used to determine the concentration of solutions with unknown concentration. Today, we are preparing a standard solution of Sodium Carbonate. After collecting our data of the mass of Sodium Carbonate (solute), volume of water (solvent) and molar mass of Sodium Carbonate, we are willing to find the concentration of our standard solution by using our collected data, in order to use this solution for determining the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the next part of our investigation (part B). Before calculating the concentration of Sodium Carbonate using the

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