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TITRATION OF AN ACID (A PREPARED STANDARD SOLUTION OF KH₅O₄C₈) AGAINST A BASE (NAOH) USING PHENOLPHTHALEIN AS AN INDICATOR BY GRACE The aim of this experiment is to prepare a standard solution of potassium hydrogen phthalate (KH₅O₄C₈) and then use it to calculate the concentration of sodium hydroxide by titrating the acid (KH₅O₄C₈) against the base (NaOH). Before the whole experiment could take place, some apparatus were needed which included the following; A weighing balance, burette, pipette, a conical flask, clamp and then the setup was as below; THEORY To calculate for the moles of KH₅O₄C₈, I used n (mol) =m (g)/M (gmol⁻ⁱ (JOHN GREEN AND SADRU DAMJI, PG 6 OF CHAPTER 1.THIRD EDITION). Whereby m=mass of the acid, M=molar mass of the acid and n=number of moles. Molar mass of KH₅O₄C₈ is 204.1g/mol and its mass is 1g Therefore=1g/204.1gmol⁻ⁱ n=0.0048996mol Further more, to calculate for the concentration of the acid, I used C(moldm⁻3.) =n (mol)/v (dm3) Whereby c=concentration, n=number of moles and v=volume used. (JOHN GREEN AND SADRU DAMJI, PG 27.THIRD EDITION) Volume=0.1dm3 Concentration of acid =0.0048996mol/0.1dm3 =0.049moldm⁻3 Also, to calculate for the average titre volume of the acid used, I summed up the three consistent values from my experiment and divided it by 3(sarps series, 2009) thus Average Titre volume= (19.60+19.60+19.60) 3 =19.60cm3 Also, to calculate for the concentration of sodium hydroxide, I used The dilution factor, C₁v₁=C₂v₂ (JOHN GREEN AND SADRU DAMJI pg28, third edition) whereby C₁=concentration of the acid used=0.049moldm⁻3 v₁=volume of acid used (titre volume) =19.60cm3 C₂=concentration of the base, v₂=volume of the base used=10cm3 Therefore C₂=

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