LAC 2: Assignment Analysis

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|Name: Jastice Hudson |Date: | |Teacher Name: |School Name: K12 Agora | Graded Assignment – LAC II Unit 5, Lesson 7 Letter to the Editor First Draft Type your name, the date, your teacher’s name, and your school name at the top of this page. Type or paste your draft into this document. Be sure that your draft is double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font. Save the file as: LACII_S1_5.7_LettertotheEditor_FirstDraft_FirstInitial_LastName.doc Example: LACII_S1_5.7_LettertotheEditor_FirstDraft_B._Henry.doc…show more content…
Two, I feel like when cops are on the bus it don’t make a difference. Third I feel like its way more important stuff out in Philadelphia that need cop’s attention other than them riding the bus all day. Those are my concerns about “Transit without…show more content…
I think Philadelphia period need to help the city more and the issues don’t start with cop’s getting on the bus. It’s just not the city that can help us we can help each other. We can all help each other every time something is going wrong on a bus or train usually somebody walk by somebody when somebody need help. Instead of doing that I think you can stop a whole another situation just by calling the cop’s. I feel like when cops are on the bus the results still turn out bad. I think by them being on the bus make thing’s worse. For example if somebody pull out a gun on somebody chances out of 9 and 10 they just want to rob someone but if a cop on the bus it makes them angrier and want to start shooting if a cop is on the bus. So I think cops being on the bus the results still going turn out bad. Either way them being on the bus is not going make a difference to me, it might to others but not

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