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Kseniya Simonova About Her Kseniya Simonova, also known as a Lady of the Sand was born on April 22nd , 1985. She was born in Evpatoriya, Ukraine. She is an only child of Irina Simonova and Alexander Simonov. Kseniya graduated from Volkoff’s Arttistic School of Evpatoriya (one of the best schools of Ukraine) with the the highest scores. In 2002 instead of entering universities on English Philology Department, she chose a different specialization, Psychology. In 2007 she graduated from the Taurida National University with a Red Diploma. While studying in University, she entered Ukraine Academy of Printing on the Graphic Department in 2003. She had to study in two universities at once. In 2007 Kseniya married a man named Igor Paskaru; they had a son named Dmitry on Novemember 27th, 2007. In 2008 she graduated with a 6 month baby in her hands. Kseniya’s parents didn’t want her to become an artist because her mother was one and she knew the life of an artist is a constant struggle with the little pay. Kseniya’s husband, Igor, was the one who suggested sand art to Kseniya. It was a struggle at first when they couldn’t find the right kind of sand to make art with, and when they finally did, it was almost too expensive. Kseniya practiced for four to five hours a day for three months in a small house they had rented. In 2009 Kseniya presented a sand story called “Circus” and was chosen as one of the 50 competitors of “Ukraine’s Got Talent” semi-final. During the show she performed a story about the Great Patriotic War which got her into the finals. She became a winner of the show after her performance of the story about not forgetting your mother and father in the finals. Since then Kseniya has created over 200 sand stories and has even performed for the king of

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