Kolb and Schon Learning Theory Essay

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4001LDS Page 1 Is there a set in stone why of learning? We all learn in a many number of ways. Yet there are many theorists who may think there theory is the right way to be learning. Whilst one theorist is amicable for one learner, simply that theorist learning may not suit another learner or maybe a number of theorist suit one individual with their learning. Within this assignment there will be strong views and contrasts of two theorists, being David Kolb and Donald Schon. Both Schon and Kolb are completely the same within thinking that reflective practice is the key to effective learning, but yet have two different ways around it. Formally both theories are approachable within workplace learning. Kolb is an American theorist who feels people learn best from their experiences, and from these experiences be it good or bad they reflect from this, calling this experimental learning, learning whilst we are doing. In reflection to this people within the workplace maybe learning and not yet know it. What Kolb came across was people were frequently forgetting their experiences and they were never brought to anyone’s attention. They became forgotten and he argued that in order for people to learn it wasn’t enough just to have experiences and forget them no, he put all these experiences and positive thoughts together and came together with a learning process and put this together into a cycle. “Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Kolb, 1984) Kolb’s cycle consists of four stages which will follow each other which will always bring you back to the first stage within his cycle. When back at this first stage you would have learnt along the way and thought along the w 4001LDS Page 2 What Kolb suggests is that through this learning cycle the experience and thought leads you to reflect on your actions,

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