Ethical Leadership Strengths And Challenges Of Leadership In Organizational Leadership

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Not to be forgotten is mentoring and empowerment. Communication is difficult enough and adding mentorship to traditional and distributed approaches adds all new levels of challenges. The ethical leadership theory applies formal mentoring by leaders that encompass integrity, spirit, sacrifice, and embrace authentic styles (Van Wart, 2008). However, formal mentorship still has a foothold to senior leaders that are mostly white males, yet add informal mentoring into relationships and the similarity of race, gender, and culture is shared (Olson, & Jackson, 2009). Consequently, mentoring future leaders finds difficulty for those from diverse backgrounds yet adopting to this change can allow senior leaders to also expand cultural competencies (Olson, & Jackson, 2009). The ethical leader embraces diversity in mentorship that empowers organizational members as they demonstrate fairness and equality (Van Wart, 2008). Applied Leadership Theories This author has taken multiple leadership test, questionnaires, and surveys to determine skills, aptitude, style, and traits. While many leadership theories have been discussed during this course of instruction, many rely on traditional or transformational styles. It is recognized that some leaders naturally react without thought while others work…show more content…
Identify strengths and weaknesses while seeking ways to challenge through a different perspective that can open opportunities to improve. This Masters course on Organizational Leadership has proven that leadership is an ever-evolving theory where no one approach is acceptable. Research and continued professional development will keep a leader up to date with current strategies that may be suitable to one’s organization. It is then that the leader must align oneself with the organization’s strategic vision that may be based on traditional methods or looks toward the future by incorporating change management for a transformation
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