King Shaka Zulu – Hero Or Villain Essay

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King Shaka was the most influential leader of the Zulu Kingdom. He reigned over a large area known today as Kwa-Zulu Natal from 1816 to 1828. He has been called a heroic nation builder and military genius, and condemned as a power hungry tyrant on the other hand. Shaka was praised through songs and praise poems as a famous, unbeaten and a sharp leader as well as a ferocious and feared by all men with blood on his spear even to the handle. He killed a madman who was terrorizing the local area to protect his people. [source H] According to stories passed down from generations, Shaka saw himself as the protector that let stars shine while he reigned, only a great man like himself would be able to follow in his footsteps . He believed that his country would go down in ruins when he died [Source I] Chief Buthelezi said in 1974 that king Shaka lived in a quest of knowledge and that their would never be enough to learn from his examples of great leadership. Chief Luthuli wrote in 1962 that Shaka was a legendary brilliant general and had courage, intelligence and ability. Bloke Modisane also saw him as a brilliant general that united the Zulu nation into a great war machine [Source J , M & N] Many companies use Shaka’s name to sell their products, companies use the Shaka theme to portray teamwork dedication preparation and leadership . it shows that he is a legendary icon. Shaka land is a tourist attraction that shows Zulu hospitality. [Source O, Q & R] According to History Standards, he believed in fierce discipline and that men be put to death for the slightest fault and that resulted in people fearing and hating him. He went against his customs and abused his army, allowing his soldiers little time to rest and craving more and more power through his reign. While his people expected him to show kindness , he grew harder and harsher which

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