Sankofa Essay

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Sankofa In the movie Sankofa there was a main meaning to the movie that was very easy to comprehend. In the movie there was a young girl that was from the United States that was modeling there for a photo shoot her name was Mona and she was the main character. But at night she was taken to the past and the main plot began. She was taken to the time of slavery and was made a field hand her named as a slave was shola. There was a leader of the slaves her name was nunu. She had a son who was considered enemy because his father was white and raped nunu. She was the one that started a group that would go out at night and try to plan a way to get out of the farm. Shola had a person that she loved his name was shango and he was against the slavery system all together. Nunu son was with the system because he was the head of all the slaves and was the one who had to punish the slaves if they got in trouble. Towards the end of the movie they plan a way to get out and Nunu’s son was not involved because he was a head slave and followed God. When they first started to pan out the attack and plan to get out shola did not want to help out but soon she did because she was getting abused by her master and at night she was raped. Shola’s love shango knew that Nunu’s son was going to be a problem and would get in there way so he made up a poison that would make him sick and hallucinate. In the end that turned out to be a problem when they were exacuting there attack, before they could attack and leave he started to attack his mother and killed her at the river. But that just gave them more courage to attack and when they did they all circled up on the few remaining and beat them. This movie has a few meanings to me it reminded me of the past in which slavery was life for most people which is sad. It also reminded me that back in the time of slavery if you not white
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