Keystone XL Pipeline Research Paper

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Politics is a raging affair and drags on for hours down to years. Currently largest political environmental issue in America is the Keystone XL pipeline. Keystone XL pipeline, is well a pipeline, and its purpose will be to transport synthetic crude oil from Canada to the refineries in the United States. The design for this pipeline is done in four phases. In Phase I, a 1, 147-mile long pipeline will run from Hardest, Alberta to the United States refineries in Wood River, Illinois and Patoka, Illinois. Phase II is where XL pipelines will be built to run to Steele City, Nebraska. Phase III, or “Crushing MarketLink”, which would start in Crushing, Oklahoma and deliver oil to Nederland, Texas. Phase IV would begin in Alberta, Canada and add Baker,…show more content…
If creating pipelines that stretched out more than 2,000 miles could be done in a snap of a finger, then not much of funding from outside sources would be needed. But this world does not live on magic fairy dust, it requires hard working employees to drill, bolt, heat-rod, measure, design, and construct this pipeline transport. This pipeline construction will give thousands of jobs to our economy that desperately need them, because jobs fuel money to the economy. There are still arguments about the keystone pipeline, even though it would bring the economy’s revenue elevate and provide surmount of energy for a long period of…show more content…
The benefits will give many American construction companies and its workers a job, which will fuel the economy with more money. Also American refineries will be receiving a long term supply of crude oil that our country desperately need. So what are the hesitant people waiting for? This Keystone pipeline need supporters like yourself to fight for a stable, friendly, efficient supply of oil for our country, and what a bonus that it would create jobs for fellow

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