Kelroy by Rebecca Rush

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Statements The novel, Kelroy, by Rebecca Rush was a story about love written during a time period in which a woman’s livelihood depended on it. The word “love” is used very loosely in this context. The novel, “Kelroy exposes a social system that limits the physical, educational, professional, and economic aspirations of women” (Kelroy xxi). According to Dana Nelson, it can be speculated that the tensions in various characters might come from Rush’s personal, “frustrations in her own ambitions” (xxi). Rebecca Rush was thirty-three years of age and single when her novel was published. Rush would have been well acquainted with the role of a woman or the lack thereof. She would have also been knowledgeable about the expectations of various age groups of women as well as men during this time. My personal impression of most of the men in the novel, Kelroy, was that they were head-over-heels for the women they were interested in. There was one particular quote in the novel that seemed out of place in my opinion. The quote depicts women in a very negative way. The beginning of the quote is as followed: “Experience will teach you the real characters of the beings who chiefly compose your species” (86). The statement was made by a male character from the novel. Then the quote continues and states: “You will find them, [women] a set of harpies, absurd, treacherous, and deceitful—regardless of strong obligations, and mindful of slight injuries…” (86). The bluntness of this statement about women would not have come from a man seeking a wife during this time. The female villain of the novel, Mrs. Hammond exemplified these awful characteristics throughout the story. The author, Rebecca Rush was probably surrounded by women, during this time, willing to stop at nothing to secure their future. As the quote continues, “and when your integrity has been
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