Silenced Abuse in Modern Day Relationships

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Negron 1 Negron 2 March 2013 Silenced Abuse in Modern Day Relationships Relationships can either be fulfilling or demeaning. Although some relationships can be abusive, some women may still have a love/hate relationship with their partner. While reading the Story of an Hour, and The 1950’s guide to being a Good Wife, I noticed a pattern of behavior that women of that time followed. I also thought about my own experience in a past relationship. I have discovered that, after reading the material, that even present day women, like past women from the 1800’s and the 1950’s, including myself, have silently suffered while still loving our partners. It was important for me choose the topic of emotional abuse since so many women of the past, as well present, choose to live this life of entrapment. Fortunately, I broke free by choice, as I was encouraged by my friends and my family to stand up for myself. Just like the women of the 1800s and 1950s, modern women from this decade are have silently suffered in their romantic relationships. Although many women from decades or even centuries ago lived in a submissive nature, it is not that uncommon for many women of today’s society to still live and serve their partner in silence. The 1950’s Guide to Being a Good Wife, The Story of an Hour, and my own past experience, have some common similarities. In the Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard felt liberated and free after thinking that her husband had died, although she was saddened from the news of Negron 2 his death. One similarity of the women from the 1950’s Marriage Guide, The Story of an Hour, and myself is how we felt the aim to please while we were in love, yet felt somewhat trapped. In the Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard cried her eyes out after hearing of her husband’s death.

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