Kelloggs Company Organizational Planning

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING Keila I. Febo Negron MGT /521 March 5, 2014 Prof. Armando Aranda ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING Abstract Kelloggs company is an American multinational food industry founded in 1906 with a headquarter in Michigan E.U. With about 30, 700 employees. Kelloggs specializes in the production of breakfast products, snacks, cookies and other foods that consist in wheat and corn. This company also makes other products based on corn and wheat like; pastries, cereal bars and frozen waffles. Also included veggies food and fruit snacks. Some of their products are Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Special K and Nutri Grain. The vision of the company is, to enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter, and his purpose is Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive. This company has a manufactures in 35 countries and market in about 180. ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING Organizational Planning Based in the SWOT Analysis, Kellogg Company SWOT Analysis. Dec2012, p1-10.p this company has the following strengths: A strong brand that was based thought the years of incrementing sales. In the 2011, the sales were about $13,198, being one of the world largest producers of cereal. In 2013, the company reports net sales of $14.8 billion, increased by 4.2 percent for the last year. In Latin American the sales growth in 5.5 percent. In Europe, the sales increased by 1.7 percent, and in the Asia Pacific business, the growth of sales was in 4.2 percent. Kelloggs is the world leading cereal company, second largest producer of cookies, and crackers, and leader in North American frozen foods company. Kelloggs make a $7.4 billion in domestic sales alone. Although these

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